Hopefully, I am not too late to share my story with Nerdfighteria.

I guess it all started when I saw a YouTube video of Hank about how nerds can attract dates (or something of that nature). I was curious about the video and found it was very funny. One video turned into nearly an hour of watching videos before I had to do something else. But for days afterward, I continued to watch the videos, loving everyone and then learned about Nerdfighters. In the video, How to be a Nerdfighter, it was said if you wanted to be a nerdfighter, you were a nerdfighter! I was quite happy about this. In fact, as a child, I could do the Vulcan hand gesture on both hands and now, it almost feels like I was training for this moment.

I mainly just watch videos between the brothers, Crash Course, and various other Youtubers that are connected with Nerdfighteria (BlackNerdComedy, WeezyWaiter, MatthewSantoro, ZachStorch, etc.) and while I do not physically meet with other nerdfighters, I hope I will in the coming future (transportation is a bugger).

I would also like to say thank you to Nerdfighteria. In 2014, I had a car accident on my way to class. Because of physical therapy, I had to drop all but one of my classes, and I felt terrible. I discovered Crash Course about two weeks after the accident and it felt like being in school. It helped me out of the depression I felt and it still does today. Even after graduating college, I see nothing wrong with sitting down for a World History or Philosophy lesson.

Thank you for Nerdfighteria and DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!!!